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Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services and ZebraSphere go hand in hand!

Trust is everything in fiduciary matters. The people you appoint as external directors, trustees and representatives must match your passion for the company’s best interests, enrich your grasp of the business challenges it faces, and bring a regulator’s eye to compliance.

And that is part of what ZebraSphere could do for your business. With a full team of accountants, legal and compliance professionals across 80-plus jurisdictions, serving all manners of industries, our fiduciary services add certainty, insight and integrity wherever you transact or invest.

Fiduciary services - appointing a director, trustee or representative

ZebraSphere’s corporate fiduciary services are provided as a critical part of our international corporate secretarial and accounting and tax regulatory compliance practice. Our fiduciary services are a pillar of the bespoke compliance risk management solutions we provide through our global entity management service.

When appointing a director, trustee or representative you aren’t just hiring a person or provider. You are creating a robust compliance function to match your business.

All over the world, in every industry, clients trust ZebraSphere to fulfil key fiduciary roles because we are ideally resourced and structured:

  • our individual directors, trustees and representatives are experienced professionals in their own right
  • a network of international experts in a multitude jurisdictions guarantees a granular understanding of each legal and regulatory environment
  • a full portfolio of critical business services and an integrated business model let us provide complete, bespoke answers
  • our colossal experience base – in business and compliance, as individuals and collectively – is constantly refreshed helping thousands of international clients embrace new challenges in unfamiliar markets.

Directorships and officer services

The modern market and its regulators expect directors to have the stature and the skills to shoulder regulatory responsibilities with knowledge and confidence.


When setting up a trust, selecting the right trustee becomes utterly important. TMF Group provides corporate trustees, co-trustees or successor trustees for a wide range of trusts designed with the right purposes in mind.

Legal and tax representatives

Appointing ZebraSphere as your legal and tax representative frees you to trade, invest and transact in a given jurisdiction in full compliance with local legal and tax regimes.

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